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We can assist employees to recover from injuries or illnesses and return to work through personalised support.

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We offer tailored programs and support aimed at preventing injuries and ensuring employee safety at work.

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Injury recovery is easier with the right support. Did you know we can provide treatment services?

Our Approach

People First Return to Work

Injuries can be tough to navigate, at Australian Occupational Rehabilitation we support Employees, Employers and Insurers to navigate the recovery journey through our people first approach. Through collaboration, support and promotion of the Health Benefits of Good Work we help to achieve return to work outcomes and lifestyle goals. 

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Return to Work Planning

Returning to work is an important part of the recovery journey, at Australian Occupational Rehabilitation we support employees and employers achieve a safe and sustainable return to work.

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Treatment Plans

Assisting employees with tailored rehabilitation to achieve their return to life goals.

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Delivering safe and sustainable outcomes through the biopsychosocial approach to return to work.

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At AOR we are people first

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Our Services

Occupational Rehabilitation

When workplace injuries happen, Australian Occupational Rehabilitation can assist employees getting back to work.

We can help with

Our Services

Injury Prevention

Australian Occupational Rehabilitation provides support and tailored programs to help prevent injuries and keep employees safe at work.

Our Services

Treatment Services

Injury recovery is easier with the right support, Australian Occupational Rehabilitation provides treatment services to assist with maximising recovery and return to work outcomes.

We can help with

Supporting our client’s in…

The Health Benefits of Good Work

Our team of qualified health professionals can help with recovery from work-related injuries or illnesses by understanding the complexities of various job tasks and tailoring rehabilitation programs to suit specific job requirements.

Creating sustainable return to work outcomes through…

We deliver the best possible service for remarkable return to work outcomes

Dedicated to the Health Benefits of Good Work

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Your partner in occupational health and return to work

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